Impressions from Sardinia


I traveled to Sardinia intrigued by the photos of beautiful beaches. But when I arrived, I discovered an island full of colours, visual inspirations and delicious food. Here’s a short travel video and photos from the trip.


Plastic Hackathon - Meeting The Next Generation Sustainable Innovators


I recently had the pleasure of photographing the first ever Junior Plastic Hackathon at Wycombe Abbey School. Students were challenged to propose solutions to solve the issue of plastic pollution working together with their grandparents, change advocates and industry experts. Challenges included food packaging, toiletries, fast fashion, plastic toys, school stationery.

I was truly impressed with young people’s their knowledge, creativity and determination to make an impact. Their ideas were really innovative and challenging the status quo. Judges voted on the best business ideas and selected the winning solutions, which will be now put forward to brands such as Pret, M&S and Ecover.

Well done everyone and looking forward to seeing your ideas implemented!

Full gallery with my photos taken at this beautiful school

Story on the school’s website

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