A brand new YouTube channel trailer for Onyx Property Consulting.

The goal of this project was to portray the essence of their brand which is providing excellent customer service, building deep client relationships and true passion for London. We arranged an interview with the founder of Onyx and spent some time exploring London together, then putting all the footage together into a short, but dynamic video suitable for social media and client email communication.

Project: promotional video; social media; YouTube

Role: director; camera; editor



I worked with a research consultant Alexandra Clark from Telltale Research to create an episode for their series called Telltale Stories. In the second episode Alexandra hears a story about what it takes to create a plastic free supermarket with the owner of Thornton’s Budgens in North London.

All Episodes - Telltale Stories

Project: Telltale Stories; online series; interviews; research

Role: videography, editing



Promotional video for a new website, Facebook and LinkedIn for a voice coach, passionate about helping others find their true voice.

In this video it was important to capture the brand values, speak directly about the customer needs and show behind the scenes of a workshop ran with the clients.

Project: You & Your Voice; promotional video; inspiration; coaching

Role: director; camera; editor



I had a fantastic time visiting Edspace - a London hub for startups and passionate professionals disrupting the global education system. The purpose of the video was to interview the startup founders and capture the benefits of coworking and a sense of community.

Project: Edspace; promotional video; documentary; interviews; corporate

Role: videography; editing



Personal project - a video portrait of a local artist, Maria, who is teaching the art of azulejos - traditional painted ceramic tiles in a small village of Estoi, Portugal.

Using documentary approach I wanted to show the artist’s process and experience of ceramic painting and its place in the Portuguese culture. The goal was to explore how tourists visiting a foreign country can have a more meaningful experience with local culture and support local artists.

Project: documentary; video portrait; travel video; culture

Role: director, videography, editing



Sake is a Japanese rice wine which can be enjoyed hot or cold. It is a big part of Japanese culture and this video was made to capture visitors reactions to it during the Japanese Sake Festival in London. It also includes interviews with the organisers and sake experts.

Project: Japanese Sake Festival; testimonials; behind the scenes; interviews; culture

Role: director; videography; editing



Video highlights from an event promoting British tea, alcohol and confectionery brands.

Project: Tea Day; event video; behind the scenes; highlights; culture

Role: videography; editing